General Interview Questions - Gastrointestinal

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1. The GI system is NOT homeostatically regulated: it absorbs everything that it can digest that is presented to it .
2. Movement of material through the GI tract occurs because of the presence of pressure gradients created by the coordinated contraction of the smooth muscles that in the walls of the tract (stomach, small and large intestine) .
3. Digestion involves the enzymatic breakdown of food into monomers (amino acids, simple sugars, fatty acids) .
4. The products of digestion (monomers) are absorbed by passive diffusion (fats) or by active transport processes (carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, minerals, vitamins) .
5. The enzymes required for digestion are produced in exocrine organs and released into the GI tract.  They are not derived from the food itself .
6. The motility and secretory activities of the GI tract organs is controlled by the intrinsic (enteric) and extrinsic (autonomic) nervous systems and by hormonal signals .

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