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Teaching, assessment & scientific literacy

Garvin-Doxas, K., I. Doxas & M.W. Klymkowsky. How to use Ed's Tools to map students' conceptual landscapes and speed the construction of concept inventories.  in preparation

Klymkowsky, M.W. Teaching without textbooks: a strategy to focus learning.  invited "Point of View" for Life Science Education. in preparation.

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Member of the writing team for "Doing Science: The process of scientific inquiry". 2005. an NIH Curriculum Supplement for Grades 7-8.  BSCS.  

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Teaching Tools

The Dynamic Cell: a CD-ROM Virtual Reality Project. 2000. Springer-Verlag.

Working with the Literature: 2000. A Web project for 4th ed. of
Molecular Cell Biology, Lodish et al.

Coordinator/author for the cell biology: cytoskeleton & adhesion pages of Xenbase

virtuallyBiology™ weblabs for MCDB 1111 Biofundamentals

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