This is an extremely silly game in which your goal is to direct your bacterial buddies across a field of bacterial viruses, which are generally known as bacteriophage (meaning bacteria eaters).  The bacteria behave like real bacteria, and move through flagellar chemotaxis.

You start with 15 bacteria.  On the first level there are no phage present - this level lets you practice controlling your bacteria. Your cursor is the source of a chemoattractant.  Once you get all of your bacteria into the safe zone (where they are stuck within a serious stickiness), you move on to the next level. 

The phage (short for bacteriophage) appear as yellow dots - if one of your bacteria hits one, the phage will bind and disappear; a short time later the infected bacteria will disappear (it takes awhile for the virus to kill the infected cell).  We have not shown the 50 to 200 new phage that appear when the bacteria dies (and lyses)– we thought that would be just too unfair.

As the level gets higher, the number of phage increases (slowly at first), than more rapidly.  At each level you get 100 points for each bacteria that makes it to the safe zone; but it is almost impossible to get a score higher than 8000 points.  

a virtuallaboratory product: Tom Lundy & Mike Klymkowsky
revised 13-Dec-2014