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Sorry (in more ways than one) but FLASH is dead (making these virtual labs rather less useful.

  • What is Science lab: A considering of what makes science different, and how science works in practice.
  • In Water lab: An introduction to the properties of water, its behavior as a function of temperature, and the diffusion of particles (Brownian motion).   Can be expanded through the use of the vScope to a more mathematical analysis of molecular movements and their role in biological systems.
  • Introduction to E.coli lab: An introduction to the basic techniques for handling bacteria in the lab, including dilution and the measure of cellular growth using both light scattering and plating.
  • On Growth lab: Characterization of bacterial growth as a function of temperature and bacterial survival as a function of time.  Provides a context for both Mutation and Adaptation labs.
  • On Mutation lab: An introduction to bacterial viruses and how they were used by Luria and Delbruck to distinguish between the selection of pre-existing mutations (Darwinian) or the induction specific traits (Lemarkian) processes.   The lab introduces the types of changes that lead to resistance, and could be expanded in this direction, to address questions of viral adaptation to host and visa versa. 
  • On Adaptation lab: A study of how bacteria adapt to various environment conditions. future lab expansion into ecological and evolutionary issues associated with niches and speciation.

copyright Klymkowsky & Lundy, FLASH is dead - sorry about that - we are considering reworking a few of our applets. but technological changes are a fact of life that we are struggling with.