Genetics is the study of heredity, how biological information is stored in genes, how genes interact with one another and their environment to shape the organism, and how genes change over time through the processes of mutation, drift, and selection (both natural and sexual).

Understanding the behavior of genes is fundamental to understanding biological systems, how they function, malfunction and evolve. 

In virtuallyGenetics™ you will cover the basics -- how genes came to be understood, how they change through mutation; how the information they encode is expressed.


virtuallyGenetics™ is based on the premise that useful learning comes through working with the material to form, defend and revise ideas; you learn more than definitions, but how to speak the language of genetics.



virtuallyGenetics™ is intended to be used in a blended context -- a combination of web-based and classroom interactions with your instructor and fellow students.

Through virtuallyGenetics™ you can discover the logic and experimental approaches that lead to the key discoveries in genetics.

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